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I found "Box" lacking in a few respects. It's a lush, dreamy rehash of AUDITION in some respects, and it trots out the pulpy plot points and themes of so much V-cinema explotaion/horror. It is gorgeous (and somewhat experimental) yet plodding. Fortunately you can follow it up with IZO. What, has Takashi been watching a lot of Suzuki Seijun lately?

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> There is another Miike-related horror title out in the U.S. now--a Hong 
> Kong/Japan/South Korea co-production called Three... Extremes. It's an 
> omnibus with three segments, one directed by Miike, one by Fruit Chan and 
> one by Park Chan-wook. It premiered in Hong Kong and South Korea and played 
> at Venice last year and is in a limited theatrical run in the U.S. right 
> now. It doesn't look like it's come to Japan yet. Ebert reviewed it a few 
> days ago and gave it 3 1/2 stars. 
> http://www.threeextremes.com/ 
> There's also a new Kurosawa Kiyoshi horror film in the works, called Loft 
> (Shi no otome). I'm not sure if this is even finished yet, but the Korean 
> company Mirovision has a trailer and some info up on their web site. 
> http://www.mirovision.com/english/movie/feature_poster.asp?movie_sno=77 
> Michael Arnold 
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