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In a humorous footnote to the life of Mishima Yukio, a letter of his 
from 1954 addressed to a friend who was a choreographer at Toho was 
just discovered. In it, he describes in some detail a discussion with 
"a producer" about adapting Forbidden Colors (Kinjiki) to film. While 
it is apparent from the letter that the discussion was more  playful 
than serious, the plan was to have Mishima write the script and direct, 
and have Yamamura So and Kishi Keiko star. Mishima added at the end: 
"If this joke became reality, Japan could also be a great country." 
Although a number of Mishima's works have been adapted to film, and he 
himself appeared in (Karakkaze yaro) and directed (Yukoku) movies, 
Forbidden Colors have never been made into a film.

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