Eastwood's films

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Dear Aaron,

Thanks very much for circulating your review of the two Clint Eastwood "Iwo
Jima films."
I saw "Flags of Our Fathers" some time ago, but haven't yet seen "Letter
from Iwo Jima."

I'm very interested in the two films -- both the thinking and processes by
which they came to be made, and all the larger implications as well
(relating to history, war and memory, nationalism and national identity,
I know many others share this interest.

Can you point us to other reviews of "Letters from Iwo Jima" that may have
appeared -- in Japanese and in English -- in the last few weeks?


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With Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima starting to pick up some of the
critics awards for best film, the Japanese papers are beginning to talk
of it as the top runner for the Academy Award.

My review of the film appeared in the Yomiuri last Saturday, but it had
to be severely cut at the last minute for space. It was thus fortunate
that Mark Selden at Japan Focus was interested in the piece, so a
longer version is now on the site:


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