Sharasojyu and Hebi Ichigo

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In North America, at least, it's _quite_ difficult to find Japanese  
films by female directors. There are some fairly well-known female  
_screenwriters_ (Wada Natto comes immediately to mind, and Nobumoto  
Keiko who wrote many of the _Cowboy Bebop_ episodes), but directors...  
well, that's another story all together! _Hebi Ichigo_ sounds  
interesting--anyone want to contribute titles to a "must see" list?  
But to keep this from becoming "just a list" which seems to disappoint  
some people, add a short line or two why the film is a 'must see'...

Let's get a jump on the 2006 Top Ten lists...! ^_^

Tim Iles
University of Victoria

Quoting Michael McCaskey <mccaskem at>:

> Sharasojyu is a really great film, and I hope that at some point   
> there will be a DVD with English subtitles that I could show parts   
> of to my students (or is there already one with subtitles that I   
> don't know about?).
> Another film that I somehow associate with this one is Nishikawa   
> Miwa's Hebi Ichigo (2003). Maybe only because both are by women   
> directors, both are visually striking, and I saw both around the   
> same time. I believe my Japanese DVD of Hebi Ichigo does have   
> English subtitles, though I haven't watched it for some while.
> Michael McCaskey
> Georgetown Univ.
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> Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 4:07 pm
> Subject: Re: Actor's name in _Sharasojyu_
>> Many thanks--back in my office now with the credits in front of
>> me, it
>> looks like the boy is Yamamoto Masashi (not sure about the given
>> name)--small part, IMDb doesn't list him, but as a character
>> _runs_
>> well, at least!
>> Best,
>> Tim Iles
>> University of Victoria
>> Quoting Frako Loden <frako at>:
>> >
>> >> Could anyone tell me off-hand the name of the actor who played
>> Kei
>> >> in Kawase Naomi's _Sharasojyu_? I'm away from my copy of the
>> film
>> >> at the moment and so can't check the credits...
>> >
>> > Tim, I don't see a character named Kei in any cast lists. This
>> is what
>> > I have (and it agrees with
>> >
>> > Shun	FUKUNAGA Kohei
>> > Yu	HYOUDO Yuka
>> > Reiko	KAWASE Naomi
>> > Taku	NAMASE Katsuhisa
>> > Shouko	HIGUCHI Kanako
>> >
>> > Frako Loden

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