Sharasojyu and Hebi Ichigo

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Certainly not high art, but two of my favorite Japanese horror films. I like Sato's treatment of the female lead as a strong character and not just as sex fluff that graces that screen. I find it to be much like Whedon's Buffy character or JJ Abrams Alias series here in the states.

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As far as female directors goes, I always bring up Shimako Sato's two EKO EKO AZARAK films, WIZARD OF DARKNESS and BIRTH OF THE WIZARD. They may not be high art, but as genre exercises (teen horror)  I think stand up well against anything Hollywood was releasing at the time. Horror is fairly disreputable at the best of times, and female horror directors are almost entirely unknown anywhere in the world, making these two films, quality aside, something of a rarity.
  Jim Harper.
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  In North America, at least, it's _quite_ difficult to find Japanese 
films by female directors. There are some fairly well-known female 
_screenwriters_ (Wada Natto comes immediately to mind, and Nobumoto 
Keiko who wrote many of the _Cowboy Bebop_ episodes), but directors...
well, that's another story all together! _Hebi Ichigo_ sounds 
interesting--anyone want to contribute titles to a "must see" list? 
But to keep this from becoming "just a list" which seems to disappoint 
some people, add a short line or two why the film is a 'must see'...

Let's get a jump on the 2006 Top Ten lists...! ^_^

Tim Iles
University of Victoria 
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