Sharasojyu and Hebi Ichigo

Jim Harper jimharper666
Fri Dec 22 09:11:05 EST 2006

Indeed, I agree with you there. I think they're a cut above Buffy-type material and better scripted. More 'exploitation'  too, with the gore and the producer-imposed sex scene. The second one follows THE TERMINATOR a little too closely for my liking (warrior from another time turns up to protect girl from bad guy from another time, and so forth), but it's still a worthy follow-up. Kimiko Yoshina is still the best Misa; I'd love to see them reunite.

  JIm Harper.
Peter Larson <peter_larson2000 at> wrote:
          Certainly not high art, but two of my favorite Japanese horror films. I like Sato's treatment of the female lead as a strong character and not just as sex fluff that graces that screen. I find it to be much like Whedon's Buffy character or JJ Abrams Alias series here in the states.
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