DVD Rentals, Osaka Edition

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And Alex neglected to mention, but in Planet Studyo +1 you not only have a
cinema whose schedules would make everyone on this list's eyes water, you
also have immediate access to an entire community of cinephiles through the
incredibly kind and helpful Tomioka-san and Yasui-san who run the place.
Everyone involved, including the audiences love film and are keen to talk to
anyone about it. If I had this on my doorstep, I wouldnt even both renting



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> Hi,
> though this isn't connected to dvd-rental, if you're in Osaka you
absolutely must check out the Planet Studyo +1 cinema near Osaka station.
It's one of the most fascinating theaters in Japan, connected to the Planet
Film Library, a vast private collection of films from Japan and the rest of
the world, from all periods. They show fantastic retrospectives with films
that are often difficult to see anywhere, mostly taken from the archives but
supplemented with current fare.
> The theater has just moved, and now includes a cafe and an art gallery;
you can check up on the current program under
> http://www.planetplusone.com/
> Best,
> Alex
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> &gt;    Hi all,
> &gt;       Everyone had such fantastic suggestions for Tokyo DVD rental
> &gt; shops at Mitch Cullin's behest, so I thought I'd ask and see if
> &gt; anyone knew of anywhere esoteric and interesting in my soon-to-be
> &gt; home, Osaka. Anywhere in the city is fine...where's good to go?
> &gt;       Many thanks in advance,
> &gt;    -Tom.
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