Roland's "History of Sex-Ed Films"

Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Thu Dec 14 19:34:39 EST 2006

I second the recommendation of Roland's piece.

Having written on Kaeriyama, I knew about the sex book, but still 
haven't read it, since it was out of my period. Kaeriyama's 1910s 
writings are so stuffy (especially in comparison to Gonda at the time), 
that it is hard to imagine him getting into such a topic, but as we all 
know, individual psychologies can be quite complex.
> There's one other 1931 book he bases his research on, and it happens 
> to be in Toronto of all places. If Eric didn't pick it up, one wonders 
> how it got there!

Back when I was working at the Iowa library about 15 years ago, we were 
always amazed at the books that Toronto was accumulating. Perhaps 
someone from Toronto can give us the history (at Iowa, we heard it was 
because some alumni were donating good books and magazines), but 
Toronto does have one of the best collections for Japanese film amongst 
North American libraries. We, at Yale, are trying to catch up.

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