Roland's "History of Sex-Ed Films"

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Thu Dec 14 10:27:30 EST 2006

No one should miss Roland Domenig's new article up on Midnight Eye.  
It is the first of a mult-part essay on Sex Education films in Japan. 

I was surprised to find out about Kaerimasa's 1928 book Eiga no  
Seiteki Miwaku, one I've never come across. Has anyone read it? He  
was a nuts and bolts kind of critic, so I can only imagine what it's  
like! (Seems as though the only copy is in the Diet Library.)

There's one other 1931 book he bases his research on, and it happens  
to be in Toronto of all places. If Eric didn't pick it up, one  
wonders how it got there!

In any case, Roland or anyone, do you know of any extant prints of  
these films?


Kaeriyama Norimasa: Eiga no seiteki miwaku. Tokyo: Bunkyusha shobo 1928.
Ogura Koichiro: Sekai eiga fuzoku-shi. Tokyo: Fuzoku shiryo kankokai  
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