Actor's name in _Sharasojyu_ tim.iles
Wed Dec 20 16:07:19 EST 2006

Many thanks--back in my office now with the credits in front of me, it  
looks like the boy is Yamamoto Masashi (not sure about the given  
name)--small part, IMDb doesn't list him, but as a character _runs_  
well, at least!


Tim Iles
University of Victoria

Quoting Frako Loden <frako at>:

>> Could anyone tell me off-hand the name of the actor who played Kei   
>> in Kawase Naomi's _Sharasojyu_? I'm away from my copy of the film   
>> at the moment and so can't check the credits...
> Tim, I don't see a character named Kei in any cast lists. This is what
> I have (and it agrees with
> Shun	FUKUNAGA Kohei
> Yu	HYOUDO Yuka
> Reiko	KAWASE Naomi
> Taku	NAMASE Katsuhisa
> Shouko	HIGUCHI Kanako
> Frako Loden

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