Mac software for video clips

Christophe Thouny cthouny
Wed Dec 6 20:27:42 EST 2006

It is not very easy, but I have managed to do that before, using 1- 
MacTheRipper to extract the files of the DVD and then 2- VLC, a  
freeware developped by a group of french students and regularly  
updated (available online at ). After having open  
the video file into VLC, you can then convert it into an mpeg using  
the function Streaming/Exporting Wizard. I have not done that in a  
while but I remember that it was treaky (you have to play around with  
the options - trial & error).
When/If you have succeeded converting the file, you can use 3- Quick  
Time Pro to make your montage.
I lost a lot of definition, but it was still good enough for making a  


Le 06-11-29 ? 23:14, batgirl at a ?crit :

> Dear KineJapan members,
> Now that the US Copyright Office has decided professors can break  
> copy protection to use DVD clips in class, would members have any  
> suggestions for software to create clips with a Macintosh for those  
> of us who teach here and are looking forward to taking advantage of  
> the ruling?
> A friend recommended the combination of DVD Shrink and Super DVD  
> Ripper, but DVD Shrink turns out to be a Windows-only programme.   
> And extended web surfing has turned up much information, but little  
> of it helpful, about good Mac programs for compressing not the  
> entire DVD, but only clips from it.
> Suggestions? Pans? Raves?
> Sarah
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