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Another somewhat older film on this topic is Mori to Mizuumi no Matsuri (1958 - usually called The Outsiders in English) by Tomu Uchida - an interesting film about the plight of the Ainu population in Hokkaido. It's rather like a Hollywood Western transposed to Japan, and displays some of the same ambivalent attitude to the natives as do certain liberal Westerns of the period.

  How about films about burakumin - the invisible minority? There are two versions of the famous Toson Shimazaki novel Hakai (The Outcast) - one by Kinoshita from 1946, one by Ichikawa in 1962.
  All these films exist in English subtitled prints in Japan, but outside touring retrospectives it may be difficult for you to access them in the States. I believe the The Outsiders has been available, unsubtitled, on video in Japan, and you might be able to track down a second-hand copy if you search or elsewhere...

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