films for my master's thesis

Brian Jenkins 964pinocchio
Thu Jan 5 09:59:59 EST 2006

Thanks everyone for the input.  Looks like I have more options than I
expected (a good thing).  Now, if I can only get a grant to do some shopping
in Akihabara (inc. plane fare & hotel)...

On 1/4/06, Alexander Jacoby <a_p_jacoby at> wrote:
> Another somewhat older film on this topic is Mori to Mizuumi no Matsuri
> (1958 - usually called The Outsiders in English) by Tomu Uchida - an
> interesting film about the plight of the Ainu population in Hokkaido. It's
> rather like a Hollywood Western transposed to Japan, and displays some of
> the same ambivalent attitude to the natives as do certain liberal Westerns
> of the period.
> How about films about burakumin - the invisible minority? There are two
> versions of the famous Toson Shimazaki novel Hakai (The Outcast) - one by
> Kinoshita from 1946, one by Ichikawa in 1962.
> All these films exist in English subtitled prints in Japan, but outside
> touring retrospectives it may be difficult for you to access them in the
> States. I believe the The Outsiders has been available, unsubtitled, on
> video in Japan, and you might be able to track down a second-hand copy if
> you search or elsewhere...
> Best,
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