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Dear Prof. Gerow,
Happy New Year to you on the white campus!
I should have announced much earlier about my Ph.D. I earned from Nichidai
Geijyutsugakubu 2004, and the book published 2005 tittled Eiga no
Bosei(Cinema Maternity). I am happy that on Eizogalu Mr. Itakura nicely
reviewed the book about the Japan-US representation of mothers focusing on
Mimasu Aiko .I hope you would sometime read it
and give me some comment on it.
This is the bright side; I lost my husband suddenly for heart disease and
last autumn I had my right shoulder fractured
and remained hospitalized for a month, when I finished reading Davinch Code
supporting the paperback with my left hand, the only efficient one left for
me. Now I'm back to teaching routines but my right arm is not yet as good as
Hope your family is enjoying the New England life, which I do miss.
Kiseko Minaguchi, Teikyo Univ.
PS I'm transferred to the University from Junior College this April, but the
teaching load is as heavy as before.

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> > Additionally, if you can recommend other films on the topic, that
> > information is also welcome (I have a copy of Yukisada Isao's GO, but
> > little beyond that).
> There are lots of such films in recent years, but not all are available
> readily in the US. Here are a few you can get:
> Yamamoto Masashi's JUNK FOOD, or from Japan:  Tenamonya Connection or
> Atlanta Boogie
> Many Miike Takashi films, especially the Black Society trilogy, the
> Dead or Alive trilogy, City of Lost Souls (Hyoryugai), etc.
> Some Fukasaku Kinji films like Yakuza Graveyard.
> For other films that exist, some of which you can get in HK or in Japan
> with English subtitles:
> Iwai Shunji's Swallowtail Butterfly (I have any essay on this in
> Censoring History)
> Many of Zeze Takahisa's films such as Moon Child (available in the US),
> Kagai jugyo: Boko, Rush!, SF Whip Cream, etc.
> Otomo Katsuhiro's World Apartment Horror
> Some of Yanagimachi Mitsuo's films like Ai ni tsuite Tokyo
> Oguri Kohei's films like Kanako no tame ni and Nemuru otoko.
> There are a lot of films that deal with Okinawa and Okinawans, and you
> can find a list of such films in my article in Islands of Discontent.
> There are also a number of films dealing with gays in Japan, especially
> films by Hashiguchi Ryosuke, Oki Hiroyuki, and the film Okoge.
> If you want to include documentaries, both the 2003 version (on
> Okinawa) and the 2005 version (on zainichi) of the Yamagata Documentary
> Film Festival did retros on minority representations in Japanese film
> (and not all documentary: some fiction films as well).
> Then one could go back to the wartime and representation of other
> Asians. Look at Markus's US-Japan Media Wars for help there.
> There are probably a whole bunch that slipped my mind right now, but it
> seems to be a popular topic for research these days, so just doing some
> article searches will help you find some some other titles. If you can
> read Japanese, Yomota Inuhiko's writings are a good place to start.
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