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Tom Mes also did some very informative and enlightning audio commentaries on
several Miike DVD releases by ArtsMagic (UK R2). In regards to Audition, the
US R1 edition by Chimera / Ventura has a brief commentary (33 minutes) by
Miike in addition to a 23 minute interview with Miike from the American
Cinematheque Theatre.


Henrik Sylow



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Also the book on Takashi Miike by Tom Mes entitled "Audition - the films of
Takashi Miike" may help you.



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>Hi minna!
>I'm Sara Girardi and I'm an Italian university student.
>Right now I'm preparing the thesis for my degree about the director 
>Miike Takashi.
>And here I need some help^^
>The big part of my thesis should be the translation of the 
>screenplay of one of his movie "Audition" but I don't know how to 
>get it! I've already asked the Japan Foundation here in Italy, but 
>they couldn't help me.
>I just wondered if somedoby could give me some advice on how to have 
>a copy of the original screenplay.
>Thank you all and sorry for my poor English^^
>Sara Girardi


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