Mainichi Concours 2005

Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow
Thu Jan 19 15:46:04 EST 2006

The results of the 2005 Mainichi Concours, one of the last of the big  
yearly film awards, were announced:

Best Japanese Film: Patchigi
Best Director: Ogata Akira
Best Screenplay: Uchida Kenji
Best Actor: Asano Tadanobu
Best Actress: Tanaka Yuko
Best Supporting Actor: Yamashita Kisuke
Best Supporting Actress: Itaya Yuka
Best New Face Award: Seki Megumi, Ishida Hoshi
Tanaka Kinuyo Award: Wakao Ayako

Awards of Excellence in Japanese Film: Operetta tanuki goten
Best Cinematography: Shibazaki Kozo
Best Art Direction: Kamijo Anri
Best Music: Kato Kazuhiko
Best Sound: Yokomizo Masatoshi
Best Technical Award: Taniguchi Toshio
Best Documentary: Little Birds

Fan Award: Always Sanchome no yuhi
Animation Award: Gekijoban Hagane no renkin jutsushi
Ofuji Noburo Award: tough guy!

Forgive me if I got any of the name readings wrong. The original  
Japanese article is available at: 

The Mainichi tends to be fairly conservative, but they are one of the  
few major awards that also focuses on the technical staff and other  
genres like documentary and animation. Ofuji Noburo is one of Japan's  
great animators, and the award named after him commemorates some  
significant contribution to the art of animation.

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