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There's unofficial english subbed copy of Diary of a shinjuku Thief and Death by
hanging. i heard there was a Canadian french-subbed of 'The Ceremony'. French
Editor Wild Side announced ? 'very rare Oshima movie' coming within this year.

Selon Steve LaRocque <stevel at trifin.com>:

> As far as I know, these are the only titles available with English from
> American companies. You could use Amazon to verify format/availabilty.
> Cruel Story of Youth
> Gohatto
> In the Realm of Passion
> In the Realm of the Senses
> Max, mon amour
> Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
> Sun's Burial, The
> Violence at Noon
> In addition, Panorama Hong Kong released these two:
> Night and Fog in Japan
> Street of Love and Hope
> The rest I don't think exist on VHS/DVD with English subtitles. But I
> suspect there are probably film prints in circulation from various film
> festivals and Cinematheque-style retrospectives.
> Steve
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> Dear, all.
> I am looking for Oshima Nagisa's films on VHS or DVD format. But it is
> still
> hard to find the films with English subtitles. It would of great help
> for
> me, if anybody tell me any sources to find movies like Death by Hanging,
> The
> Man who Left His Will on Film, Diary of Yonbogi, and Oshima's other
> documentaries on the Korean issues.
> Best
> Nohchool Park (Univ. of Kansas, Theatre and Film Department)

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