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> Leading to the question, are there real differences in how 53 and 
> 52+75 are written in the original?

Frankly, this is not a great translation. Especially article 52 in 
English is a bit confusing and is a lot clearer in the Japanese. One 
reason is because the Japanese is more repetitious, insisting on using 
the same phrases over and over again to make clear what it is talking 
about, whereas the English tries to abbreviate those with terms like 
"such work" or "such cases" or joining different sentences into one. In 
terms of style, then, 52 and 53 are not that different (but then again, 
most Japanese laws are not), but they are insistent about what problem 
they are referring to. This, I believe, makes it clear that 52 and 53 
have to be treated separately because the topics are being specifically 
defined using different terms.

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