CFP - International TV Panel for the 2007 SCMS Chicago Conference

Jonathan M Hall jmhall
Sat Jul 22 10:59:51 EDT 2006

The SCMSTV* Non-U.S TV Studies Action Committee, chaired by steering 
committee members Tim Havens and Sharon Shahaf, is organizing an 
international TV panel for the SCMS** 2007 Chicago conference (see CFP 
below). Please send proposals BY AUGUST 15 to Sharon at 
sharonsha at

CFP - Panel on "Western TV Formats and Their International, Glocalized 
American and European Television formats (Soaps, Sitcoms, games and
talk-shows, Reality TV etc,) have been widely adapted, copied, bought 
franchised by television broadcasters across the globe, since the very 
of television. This panel focuses on the cultural and social 
significance of the
global flow of television formats. Papers exploring the theoretical 
of international case studies for the larger field of TV studies are 
Possible topics include but are not limited to:
- Historical and contemporary instances where American or European 
Television formats have been adapted, copied or franchised by local TV 
stations or production companies
- Histories/ethnographies of production, textual analysis and/or study 
of audience reception of such productions
- Discussion of the cultural and social significance of these 
- National controversies caused by clashes between local values and the 
demands and contents dictated by imported TV formats
- Hybridity, Ambivalence, and Glocalization in the adaptation of 
foreign TV formats
- Nationalism, Post-Nationalism and Trans-Nationalism in relation to 
the global flow of TV formats
- Post-colonialism and the global flow of TV formats

Questions regarding the panel, as well as Proposals, following SCMS's 
Panel paper format, should be sent *BY AUGUST 15* to Sharon at 
sharonsha at

SCMS panel paper?s submission guidelines can be downloaded at:

The committee will notify all applicants whether submissions have been 
accepted or not by August 24th, 2006. This should allow enough time for 
submission of rejected papers through the SCMS open call.

Gratefully yours
Tim and Sharon
**SCMS =Society for Cinema and Media Studies.
SCMS website:
**SCMSTV = Television Studies Interest group in SCMS
SCMSTV website:

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