Other Film Novels By Japanese Directors

Jonathan M Hall jmhall
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To the list of film novelizations, we can add Hashiguchi Ry?suke's Hush.

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On Jun 19, 2006, at 10:31 AM, Aaron Gerow wrote:

> I brought this topic up a long time ago when Aoyama Shinji won the 
> Mishima Prize for his novelization of Eureka (I think that's the only 
> novelization that has won a major literary award). He also did a 
> novelization of Tsuki no sabaku and Helpless (that coming out about 6 
> years after the film). Recently, he has published a number of novels 
> unrelated to his films.
> Other directors who have novelized their own films include Kawase 
> Naomi (Moe no suzaku and Hotaru) and Kurosawa Kiyoshi (Michael 
> mentioned Pulse, but there is also one for CURE). Iwai Shunji has a 
> number of novels, but in some cases, those were written before the 
> film.
> When it comes to a director filming his or her own novel, one has to 
> remember the large number of novelists who have taken up the 
> megaphone, including Murakami Ryu, Shiina Makoto, Tsuji Jinsei, etc.
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