Astro Boy (Tezuka)

Stefan Nutz / Nuzumakifilms nuzumaki at
Wed Jun 7 17:41:19 EDT 2006

Osamu Tezuka's original 1963 - 1964 "Astro Boy" delighted children 
around the world with its touching stories and compelling characters. In 
the U.S., many will remember this popular children's series which aired 
on TV during the 1960s (i believe). As far as i know AB has never been 
screened on german TV, even though i  it was quite popular in Italy and 

Here are further information about the R1 DVD box:

- The first 52 episodes of Astro Boy are fully restored, including 
never-before-seen footage and previously unreleased episodes on 10 DVDs.
- An entire bonus DVD full of extras
- Including Part 1 of an interview with series producer Fred Ladd
- Original Character Art Gallery
- Merchandise Gallery
- Original Japanese Episodes #1 and #20 (with English subtitles)!
- This set also includes a special 32 page Collector's Booklet 
featuring: "The History of Astro Boy"
- An Osamu Tezuka biography
- Line Art Gallery and much more!


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