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Ordinarily, I'd say blame us in the media, however, I think this was a fan
thing. Everything from Japan (except animation) that achieves a level of
cultural cache is given the appellation "J-*****". It's nominally a simple
declaration of origin, however it takes on all sorts of meaning, you know .
.. . .

Influence, btw, is so cyclical. Yeah, there's been bits and pieces of things
showing up in Holly-woof films, and well I suppose a remake signifies the
ultimate in "influence." However, there are a bunch of critics I know who
will eagerly point out what they see as the influence of Western horror
films in the recent Japanese horror boom. How does one separate the two when
examining a single work? I don't know if it is so easy.

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Does anybody know where the term "J-HORROR" come from? Because to my opinion

this thing never really exist... What I mean is Japanese horror movies 
always been around. It only been massively recognized by the U.S. and Europe

with the arrival of Ring. But the term "J-HORROR" was probably used by the 
movie industry in the u.s. or the DVD industry to sell more easily something

that was difficult to market at that time. So "J-HORROR" would only be a 
market name so to speak. Maybe the critics started using it afterward. But, 
I may be all wrong. This is just my opinion.

Mathieu St-Pierre

>yeah thanks for the article, i am doing my phd on j-horror's influence on 
>hollywood do u have anything else on this subject?
>Emma Newbery BA
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>>Many thanks! You all are practically writing my new lecture for me.
>>Michael McCaskey
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>> > > Does anyone know about any other non-horror remakes, recent or on
>> > > the horizon?
>> >
>> > After my previous post I saw the announcement that New Line has bought
>> > the rights to remake Battle Royale:
>> > http://www.darkhorizons.com/news06/060608b.php
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