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eigagogo@free.fr eigagogo
Fri Jun 23 13:21:30 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I am currently viewing some Takechi's movies, and i wondered if anyone had
information about:

- his theatre diretor carrier. Takechi had apparently a major in modern kabuki
and i am very curious to compare his kakubi&movie works.

i found this promising link, but i can't manage to acces the file (and got no
answer from the journal publisher).

- his less known work 'Dream of the Red Chamber' which had problems with
Japanese Censors, his 'Zankoku' dyptic. Were they similar to his more famous
works or something more commercial?

- Daydream(64) 's soundtrack. Quite an interesting soundrack which mix old
japanese instrument with electronics sound&echoes. Who's the man responsible
for this haunting work?



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