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Jim Harper jimharper666
Fri Jun 9 08:15:07 EDT 2006

He did indeed say that. However, there's plenty of Argento's stylistic touches in the film that could have come through Ishii's script- the black-gloved killer, the complex methods of murder, the prolonged depictions of feminine terror, the graphic violence, for example. The score is certainly reminiscent of Goblin's work on TENEBRE. 
  I think it's worth mentioning that some similitarities in style between Ikeda and Argento were evident before EVIL DEAD TRAP, in his early pink films. Perhaps this is a product of a shared influence? Ikeda is very fond of Bertolucci for example, and so is Argento (they wrote the story for ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST together).
  Jim Harper.

Jason Gray <loaded_films at yahoo.co.jp> wrote:
  But when we did the interview with Ikeda, didn't he say he
had never seen an Argento film before doing Evil Dead

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