J-horror Inquirer article

Jason Gray loaded_films at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Jun 9 06:48:48 EDT 2006

> Japanese horror since the mid-eighties has
> certainly been increasingly
> influenced by Western horror, but that covers a
> multitude of cultural
> backgrounds with no single identity.
> With EVIL DEAD TRAP perhaps best representing this
> trend, with its
> Argento-esque music and lighting and Cronenbergian
> imagery.

But when we did the interview with Ikeda, didn't he say he
had never seen an Argento film before doing Evil Dead

> describes this as belonging to a gothic tradition
> then very prevalent in
> Italy "with lighting and costumes and modelled on
> the gothic films of Mario
> Bava and Antonio Margeriti". Could this really be
> true? Were Bava's films
> released in Japan in the early 60s?

Some cool newspaper ads for foreign horror that played in
Japan, including Bava's "La maschera del demonio,"
released by "Shochiku Select" in 1961.



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