Director Hiroyuki Nakano Wins Award in Cannes

Jason Gray loaded_films at
Sun May 28 03:59:24 EDT 2006

Director Hiroyuki Nakano ("Red Shadow," "Stereo Future,"
"Samurai Fiction") has won the "OFAJ (Very) Young Critic
Award" in the short film category of International
Critics' Week for his film 14-minute 57-second film

The Yahoo! article mentions Nakano's own blog, where he
celebrated his victory. Here's the link:

There are upcoming screenings in Mexico, Corsica, Paris

I guess in the scope of Cannes, it's not a very big prize,
but as Japanese film didn't have much of a presence on the
Croisette this year outside of the market, it's good news.

Corrections or additions welcome.

Jason Gray

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