Imamura Shohei

Trond S. Trondsen trondsen
Tue May 30 21:30:50 EDT 2006

> Thank you for this information. It is sad to hear, but it is also  
> good to be informed. As it happens, one of my former students just  
> discovered last week that Imamura's "Vengeance is Mine" (Fukushu  
> suru wa ware ni ari, 1979) has recently become available with  
> English subtitles in the UK (Region 2 DVD). It's part of the  
> Masters of Cinema Series, a sort of UK complement to the Criterion  
> Collection, which has some titles not available in the US.

....and it even comes with a fine essay by kinejapan's own J. Sharp.  :)

Trond Trondsen
Masters of Cinema

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