chance to sub five films at
Sun Oct 1 06:18:06 EDT 2006

I would certainly second the nominations for Adachi, Yamatoya and Fujita - I
couldnt thing of any other directors who would so adequately fit the bill in
that their work has never been subbed and distributed overseas properly and
they really are all pretty important figures from the history of Japanese
film around this time but are seldom recognised as such, either due to the
unfamiliarity of people with the films or because they did all their better
known work or wrote scripts for some fairly well known directors under
pseudonyms. So I'll also throw in the name of Chusei Sone and Seichiro
Yamaguchi into the mix, and no doubt some of you might notice that quite a
few of these chracters were all part of Seijun Suzuki's scripwriting team.

> Talking about non-subtitled movies which would deserve some attention, my
> choices will go for directors such as :
> - Masao Adachi (Jogakusei Guerilla, 15 yo prostitute)
> - Atsushi Yamatoya (Season of treason, the very interesting Sex doll of
> wasteland)
> - Toshiya Fujita’s ‘ero-seishun eiga’ made in the 70’s (and some works
> Kichitaro Negishi)

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