chance to sub five films

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If you add subs to DVDs you won't come around, the very useful, SUBTITLE WORKSHOP. It's freeware and you can download it at several websites.

With SW. the subs can be saved as SRT, SSA, or whatever you want. But make sure that you authoring tool, if you want to add the subs to a dvd later on, supports the format. I recommend DVDlab Pro. You can easily import SRT subs into it and remaster the dvd the way you want it.  SRT subtitles can also be displayed with other tools like SUBTITLE DISPLAYER, SubVIEWER. So you only need the timed SRT file and the DVD. This way everybody could legally enjoy the effort you put in the subtitles.

If you really do all the subtiteling and the translation yourself you have all rights regarding your subs. You can share or sell them... it's on you. 


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    Michael Raine has thought far more deeply than I about this I'm sure...

  Michael, time for you to chip in re: sharing (easy-to-circulate) subtitle text files that can be run with a commercially-bought DVD. As long as you weren't selling the files, I can't imagine university lawyers would see this as anything but fair use.

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