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Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow at yale.edu
Sat Oct 28 22:18:47 EDT 2006

As I reported not too long ago, it looks like the government is going 
ahead with altering the Tokyo International Film Festival by inserting 
it in a common front of Japan's international contents business 
strategy. According to this morning's Asahi, the METI minister will 
announce at today's TIFF closing ceremony that, among other things, the 
government will be working to align various contents markets, including 
the TIFF and the Tokyo Game Show, by scheduling them together or one 
after another, creating an "International Contents Carnival" (as it is 
being called for the time being). The Asahi article makes it clear that 
one of the main reasons is that the government is interested in 
"multi-content" products, where anime are made into films and games, 
etc. No word, it seems, about promoting good old fashioned original 

Anyone going to the closing ceremony tonight who can give us a report?

Aaron Gerow
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