DVD/Video rentals in Tokyo

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Fri Oct 27 18:35:20 EDT 2006

Dear Jonathan and all,

The shop in Koenji is still there (at least, as of a month 
ago). Can't say if it's as you remember it, but still very 
very funky.

The name is apparently Auviss. 

Justin Jesty

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>Dear Rob,
>Could you remind us all of the name of the place in 
Keonji?  It's the
>place a little jog to the northeast of the North Exit at 
Keonji, right?  I
>used to use it all the time--and it was definitely my 
favorite place ten
>years ago when I lived closer to the Chuo Line.  It'd be 
great to hear it
>still exists.  Too often places like that don't survive.
>> Mitch-
>> Will you be reading Japanese subtitles ?
>> The Tsutaya in Shinjuku has a fairly good collection of 
less mainstream
>> stuff and there is a really cool, off-beat rental shop in 
>> Also,  you can buy a region free DVD player and have it 
delivered to your
>> house (by The Flying Pg website) for about US$ 100.
>> Best,
>> rob
>> On 10/27/06, Mitch Cullin <fpunk at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm hoping a few people on the list here might be able
>>> to help me out.  My partner & I are moving to Tokyo in
>>> December.  Since we're bringing a region-free DVD
>>> player with us but can't take our beloved DVD
>>> collection, we were wondering where the best DVD
>>> rental places are in Tokyo.  We'll be living fairly
>>> close to both Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, so any
>>> suggestions for rental places in those areas that
>>> offer an extensive, diverse, quirky collection of
>>> films would be greeted with resounding cheers.
>>> Many thanks in advance,
>>> Mitch Cullin
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