Looking for some help... (someone living in Japan)

Steven C Harrison harrisonstevenc
Tue Oct 3 15:23:43 EDT 2006

  I'm trying to purchase a copy of Itami Mansaku's Capricious Young Man on VHS, but the only way I can get it seems to be through an auctioneer that only posts within Japan.  I was wondering if anyone here living in Japan could help me (either I pay for it, ship it to you through him, or you take care of the ordering, etc, either way I would of course compensate you fully.)
  I'm also looking for a copy of Uchida Tomu's Earth (which was also released through shochiku on home video), but can't find any current auctions for it.
  I would greatly appreciate any advice or help with this, as I'm always looking to see more films from Japan in the 30s.
  Steven Harrison
  Greensboro, NC

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