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This is great information thank you so much!

Emma Newbery BA
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>Interesting.  I recently wrote a paper on this very topic.  Of course, the
>immediate literary precursor to Nakata's Ringus are the Koji Suzuki novels. 
>  I
>wasn't able to find any indication that these were in direct dialogue with 
>Tanizaki story and ran into some difficulty trying to make the argument for 
>influence of the one on the other (which is not to say there was none).  
>there are obvious parallels.  I found it useful to consider the 
>of this haunted film narrative as a glimmer of continuity between the 
>of Tanizaki's writings and the early 1990s of Ringu: the silent cinema and 
>era of analogue home video, Taisho modernity and postmodernity, public
>entertainments and private home entertainment, tuberculosis and HIV...  
>those interested might also want to look at Haruo Sato's 1918 story The
>Fingerprint (Shimon), another early macabre reflection on the cinema.  Our 
>list moderator Aaron Gerow also touches on Jimenso in his article on 
>and Kawabata's cinematic literature "Celluloid Masks" in the journal Iris 
>hope I'm free to pass this along...).  And I second Jasper's evaluation of 
>LaMarre book!
>-Ryan Cook
>East Asian Langs/Lits and Film Studies
>Yale University
>Quoting "" < at>:
>>I just been reading Thomas LaMarre's excellent book on novelist Junichiro
>>Tanizaki's relationship with cinema, Shadows on the Screen, and reading 
>>1918 short story The Tumour With the Human Face (Jinmensou), it suddenly
>>dawned on my that here was a literary precursor to Ringu that Hideo Nakata
>>MUST have been aware of, written some 80 years before. I strongly advise 
>>check it out.
>>>That sounds great! I am doing my PhD piece as a critical study into
>>>in all its varied incarnations (books, films, grafic novels, manga, Tv
>>>series) examining issues of representation and the impact of regional
>>>ideologies and mythologies. Hopefully youe book will be in print in the
>>>four years and it can help me along!
>>>Emma Newbery BA
>>>Programme Leader
>>>BTEC National Diploma in Media (Moving Image)
>>>Blackpool and the Fylde College
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>>>&gt;Hi Emma- there are indeed very few around, so there's definitely room
>>>&gt;one more. Basically, my book is a look at modern Japanese horror,
>>>&gt;at the mid-eighties and covering right up to the present day. It's
>>>&gt;analysis and part history, covering all the major themes, with a
>>>&gt;look at the major directors of the period. I've opted to cover more
>>>&gt;in less detail (as opposed to selecting a handful of representative
>>>&gt;and provide a fairly extensive picture of the genre as a whole. This
>>>&gt;my approach has had to be informal (definitely not 'fanboy-style',
>>>&gt;however)- it's closer to (for example) Kim Newman's 'Nightmare 
>>>&gt;to the recent Edinburgh University publication, for example.
>>>&gt;   Publishing dates had been arranged, but for various reasons they
>>had to
>>>&gt;be set aside and I'm not working on another deal, with interest being
>>>&gt;fairly strong so far.
>>>&gt;   Thanks for your interest, and I'll keep you informed!
>>>&gt;   Jim Harper.
>>>&gt;Emma Newbery &lt;emmanewbery at; wrote:
>>>&gt;   Jim, tell me more about your book, as there are so few English
>>texts on
>>>&gt;Japanese horror!
>>>&gt;Emma Newbery BA
>>>&gt;Programme Leader
>>>&gt;BTEC National Diploma in Media (Moving Image)
>>>&gt;Blackpool and the Fylde College
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