Tanaka Noboru

J.sharp j.sharp
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I would second the recommendation for Maruhi: Shikijo mesu ichiba (1974).

I think Tanaka was one of the most interesting of the Roman Porno directors,
and it's a shame he never made much significant outside it, although
Artsmagic put out DVD of his 1983 film for Shochiku, Village of Doom
(Ushitisu no Mura) a few years back.

I was lucky enough to meet the director when I did the interview for
Artsmagic disk of Angel Guts: Nami about 3 years ago, and though he grumbled
a bit about his Abe Sada: Jitsuroku being completely overshadowed by Nagisa
Oshima's Ai no Corrida, he was in all a very affable and effusive

This is rather sad, as it seemed like he had quite a few years left in him.

Jasper Sharp

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> This is very sad news. He was a wonderful director.
> My favorite Tanaka films were Maruhi: Shikijo mesu ichiba (1974)
> Maruhi: joro seme jigoku (1973).  They are artful, memorable films.
> Christine
> Aaron Gerow wrote:
> &gt; The Asahi reported this morning that the Roman Porno director Tanaka
> &gt; Noboru died on the 4th of a brain aneurysm. He was 69. Tanaka was
> &gt; exclusively a Nikkatsu director, making his first film there in 1972.
> &gt; Most of his works were in the Roman Porno line, with the most famous
> &gt; probably being Jitsuroku Abe Sada (1975), Yaneura no sanposha (1976),
> &gt; Tenshi no harawata Nami (1979), and Hitozuma shudan boko chishi jiken
> &gt; (1979). The last one earned him the Japanese Academy  Award for best
> &gt; director and the first three are available in one form or another
> &gt; with English subtitles. His last theatrical film was in 1988 (again
> &gt; Nikkatsu), but he continued working in TV, directing dozens of
> &gt; suspense TV movies.
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