Musashi Myamoto Trilogy

Keiko McDonald keiko+
Sun Oct 22 21:20:21 EDT 2006

Dear Matthew:
Chapter 14 of my book, JAPANESE CLASSICAL THEATER IN FILMS, is devoted to an
analysis of Inagaki and Fukasaku's CHUSHINGURA versions.
Keiko McDonald

On 10/21/06 4:24 PM, "Matthew H. Bernstein" <mbernst at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm preparing to teach the Inagaki Samurai Triology for the first time and
> am finding only the chapter in Alain Silver's SAMURAI FILM and the chapter
> Is there no other scholarly work on the trilogy in English? (I'm recalling
> that David Desser discusses it briefly in SAMURAI FILMS OF AKIRA KUROSAWA).
> I'm also curious about any analyses of the 1963 CHUSHINGURA.
> Thanks for any leads.
> Matthew

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