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This event involves a number of Kinejapan members so I am posting it 
here for those interested.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I'd like to encourage everyone to take advantage of a week of
Japan-centered events that will be taking place at Columbia
University and at the New York Public Library beginning on
Wednesday, October 25.  Some (though not all) of the events are
being held in connection with the Twentieth Anniversary of the
Donald Keene Center.  Below is a digest of the various programs,
with relevant URLs.  I look forward to seeing many of you there.


Greg Pflugfelder
Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture


Symposium at the New York Public Library:
"The Japanese Illustrated Book:  Continuity and Change"
NYPL, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
9:00 am ? 6:00 pm

This symposium is being held in conjunction with the Library's
current exhibition, "Ehon:  The Artist and the Book in Japan,"
curated by Roger Keyes.  Speakers include Yumiko Mashima, Henry
Smith, Rachel Saunders, Roger Keyes, Takashi Nakagawa, Veronika
Schaepers, Clemens Tobias-Lange, and Yoko Tawada.  Registration is




Donald Keene Center Twentieth Anniversary Symposium:
"The Past and Future of the Book:  Transition and Translation in
Japanese Publishing Culture"
Columbia University

Leading scholars and publishing experts from Japan and the U.S. will
gather at Columbia University to explore the ways in which the
material history of books and the institutions of publication have
changed over time both inside and outside Japan. Through a
multifaceted examination of past as well as present transitions in
Japan's publishing world, the symposium seeks to illuminate the
forces that will shape the production of knowledge in and about
Japan in the future.



Donald Keene Center Twentieth Anniversary Symposium, Day One:
"Texts and Contexts:  Publishing History and Modern Japanese
403 Kent Hall, Columbia University
9:00 am ? 5:00 pm

Speakers will include K?no Kensuke, Yamamoto Yoshiaki, Tsuboi
Hideto, Sari Kawana, Ted Mack, and Jonathan Zwicker, with a
response by Lydia Liu.



Donald Keene Center Twentieth Anniversary Symposium, Day Two:
"Translating Japan:  The Challenges of Publishing Japanese Authors
301 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University
9:00 am ? 3:30 pm

The program includes an introductory lecture by Steve Snyder on
"Some Issues in Publishing Japanese Authors Today," and a
concluding lecture by Koizumi Masashi on "The History and Prospects
of Textbook Publishing in Postwar Japan."  There will also be a
workshop session in which scholars, translators, publishers, and
representatives of a number of organizations that are actively
involved in the enterprise of translation will share their
perspectives with the audience.



Modern Japan History Workshop
918 International Affairs Building, Columbia University
10:00 am ? 4:30 pm

The workshop's morning session will be devoted to a discussion of
issues raised by the 8-volume series _Iwanami k?za:  Ajia-Taiheiyo
sens?_. It will include brief reports by three Japanese scholars:
Iwasaki Minoru on "Rekishi shuseishugi to sens? kenky?"; Sat? on
"Yasukuni mondai to Nihon no nashonarizumu," and Narita Ry?ichi on
"Sens? kenky? no kadai."  Andy Gordon, Franziska Seraphim, and
Daqing Yang will offer brief responses to start off the discussion.
An afternoon session will focus on the crossovers between history
and literature, using literature and non-documentary sources as
historical sources, literary history, etc.--not in the old terms of
history v. literature but in the current mode of disciplinary
bending and blending.  John Treat will moderate.  Provocations for
discussion will be offered by Chris Hill, Melissa Wender, K?no
Kensuke, and Karen Thornber.

For more information, please contact Caroline Batten at
cb2469 at columbia.edu or 212-854-2575.


Bettman Lecture:
Timon Screech, "The Voyage of the 'New Year's Gift':  A Cargo of
Paintings from London to Japan, 1614"
612 Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University
6:15 pm



Donald Keene Center Special Event:
"Writing in the Web of Words:  An Evening with Yoko Towada"
301 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University
6:00 ? 7:30 pm


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