Donald Richie and Japanese experimental films at Yale

Emma Newbery emmanewbery
Mon Oct 2 04:09:21 EDT 2006

Its such an annoyance all these things going on over the pond so to speak, 
we in England need more Japanese cinema events. Also i have just completed 
my masters dissertation into the evolution of Japanese experimental film! If 
only this event had occured in July - August. O well, please let me know how 
it goes!

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>Donald Richie will be showing a number of his own films at Yale on the
>evening of October 18.
>He will also be speaking at Yale on experimental film and other
>Japan-related subjects on Oct. 17, 18, and 19.
>For more information, visit the website of Yale's Council on East Asian
>Studies, and check the Council's calendar of events for October 17-18-19:
>Prior to visiting Yale, Richie will be at Amherst College (Oct. 11-12-13)
>and will speak at Harvard on the afternoon of Monday, October 16, at 4:00pm
>at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies.  His talk at Harvard will
>be followed by screenings of Mizoguchi's "Street of Shame" (Akasen Chitai)
>and Yoshimura's "A Ball at the Anjo House" (Anjo-ke no Buto-kai) at the
>Harvard Film Archive on Oct. 16 at 6:30pm (Mizoguchi) and 9:00pm
>For additional information about the Richie events at Amherst & Harvard,
>please visit the website of the Japan Society of Boston and click on "Oct.
>12-16: Featuring Donald Richie:"
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> > I suppose it probably doesn't count, but it's too bad
> > that he's not showing his own experimental films at
> > the event.
>Actually, he will. I just don't have the confirmed list with me yet
>(I'm doing this while in Japan). We will post it on KineJapan shortly.
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