CFP: Terminal Dogma: Essays on Neon Genesis Evangelion

Brian Ruh brianruh
Mon Oct 2 07:18:10 EDT 2006

Hello Everyone,

Here's the CFP for an edited collection I'm trying to get off the
ground. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be
interested. Thanks!

== Brian
"Terminal Dogma: Essays on Neon Genesis Evangelion"

Edited by Brian Ruh
Neon Genesis Evangelion is arguably one of the most significant (and
some would say, overhyped) anime series of recent years, and the recent
passing of the series' tenth anniversary presents a great opportunity
to review the legacy of the Evangelion franchise. 

"Terminal Dogma: Essays on Neon Genesis Evangelion" (tentative title)
will explore the multifaceted Evangelion phenomenon by examining not
only the show itself but how it has been discussed, marketed, and

Another purpose of this volume is to foster dialogue between academics
studying anime and anime fans.  As such, submissions from both
academics and fans are strongly encouraged. 

Aspects covered by the chapters could include (but are certainly not
limited to):

Psychoanalysis and Evangelion
Narrative structures of the TV series / films
The reception of Evangelion (both in Japan and in other countries)
Evangelion on DVD
The merchandising of Evangelion
Evangelion manga
Evangelion video games
The role of Evangelion in anime canon formation
Evangelion in the context of Hideaki Anno?s / Gainax?s other works
Evangelion?s references to previous anime
Music in Evangelion
Evangelion fanfiction / doujinshi
Animators / animation techniques in Evangelion
Evangelion fandom / websites / shrines
Language use / translating Evangelion
Final essays will be around 5000 words. Please send proposals of
500-700 words or completed essays as well as a brief CV / personal
bio to the editor at evabook[at] 
Deadline: December 31, 2006

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