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Wed Oct 4 03:20:56 EDT 2006

Incidentally, I just read in The Japan Times online that the Yamagata Film 
Festival received the Special Prize for Arts and Culture from The Japan 
The prize money is apparently a mere 2 million yen, but still... 

Luk Van Haute

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>>Since most of these interviews have already been translated and 
>>published in English, is there any chance of an Engish-language 
>>version of this book?
>It certainly would be nice to have, but it is not easy to get such a 
>book, especially one covering films largely unavailable outside of 
>Japan, published abroad. Documentary is still a minor topic and it 
>was hard enough getting Miraisha to publish this in Japan (it does 
>make me hope people buy this book so Miraisha and other publishers 
>get more enthusiastic about documentary history). And even though a 
>lot of material was published before, the amount of work put into 
>the book was immense: everything was reedited and annotated, 
>filmographies updated, new introductions written, etc. etc. A proper 
>English version would require that much plus rechecking the English 
>translations and doing new translations of the introductions. I 
>would love it if someone could do that, but are there any takers?
>Finally, a mea culpa: for some bizarre reason Kubota Yukio's name 
>ended up as "Okubu Tatsuo." I must have been very far off in LaLa 
>Land to write that! Apologies to Kubota-san for that.
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