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Mon Oct 2 21:44:50 EDT 2006

> Since most of these interviews have already been translated and 
> published in English, is there any chance of an Engish-language 
> version of this book?

It certainly would be nice to have, but it is not easy to get such a 
book, especially one covering films largely unavailable outside of 
Japan, published abroad. Documentary is still a minor topic and it was 
hard enough getting Miraisha to publish this in Japan (it does make me 
hope people buy this book so Miraisha and other publishers get more 
enthusiastic about documentary history). And even though a lot of 
material was published before, the amount of work put into the book was 
immense: everything was reedited and annotated, filmographies updated, 
new introductions written, etc. etc. A proper English version would 
require that much plus rechecking the English translations and doing 
new translations of the introductions. I would love it if someone could 
do that, but are there any takers?

Finally, a mea culpa: for some bizarre reason Kubota Yukio's name ended 
up as "Okubu Tatsuo." I must have been very far off in LaLa Land to 
write that! Apologies to Kubota-san for that.

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