Documentary Talks

Mark Nornes amnornes
Mon Oct 2 08:35:32 EDT 2006

On Oct 2, 2006, at 6:30 AM, Tom Mes wrote:

>> The long-awaited, first book edited by the Tokyo Office of the  
>> Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival has just been  
>> published
> Since most of these interviews have already been translated and  
> published in English, is there any chance of an Engish-language  
> version of this book?
> Tom

No plans. However, we have a book project on the back burner that  
collects the many essays written by filmmakers for Yasui Yoshio's  
series of retrospectives. These are in English-language catalogs, but  
have not been put online. It would be out already were it not a  
fairly intense editing job. At least you can order the catalogs if  
you're in hurry!


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