Jacques Demy's _Lady Oscar_

Lori Hitchcock Morimoto lohitchc at indiana.edu
Sat Sep 2 17:25:31 EDT 2006


If you'd like to contact me directly (at lohitchc at indiana.edu), I have 
a copy of the film on DVD that I'd be happy to send to you (I'm not 
planning to do any work with it).

Best, Lori

PhD Candidate
Department of Communication and Culture
Indiana University
> Quoting anne mcknight <annekmcknight at gmail.com>:
>> I'm wondering if anyone might know where to get hold of this
>> intriguing production--a 1978 adaptation by Jacques Demy of the manga
>> _Rose of Versailles_. Apparently, filmed in English, with Japanese
>> funds. I've found it on a couple of faraway Ebay sites, but the
>> shipping has been impossible or forbiddingly expensive.
>> Thanks for any leads.
>> Anne

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