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Mon Sep 11 20:17:10 EDT 2006

If you thought that the current boom in romantic melodramas was 
restricted to fictions before the camera, then you might want to check 
out the Nippon TV drama tonight at 9pm: "The Story of the World's Most 
Loved Wife: Otowa Nobuko and Shindo Kaneto" (Sekaiichi no aisai 
monogatari). It is basically a dramatic retelling of the long 
relationship between the director Shindo Kaneto (Onibaba, The Island) 
and the actress Otowa Nobuko, which began while Shindo was still 
married and had to wait 27 years until they were finally married.

Katahira Nagisa plays Otowa and Terawaki Yasufumi plays Shindo. The 
real Shindo is now 94 and still making films, while Otowa died in 1994 
of cancer after making Gogo no yuigonjo.

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