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Mon Sep 11 21:10:10 EDT 2006

On 2006.9.12, at 09:28  AM, Rob Schwartz wrote:

> That sounds like a great doc.

Well, it's not a documentary, but one of those "docudramas" (that at 
least ABC in the USA thinks allows it to rewrite history (e.g., "Path 
to 9/11")). But having done research on representations of the 
cinematic medium in Japan, I am intrigued by such dramatic accounts of 
filmmakers. Can anyone recall any other TV dramas based on real 
Japanese filmmakers? There are of course the various, sometimes 
fictionalized, accounts of Kitano Takeshi's life, as well as, I recall, 
some dramas about the Makino family, but can anyone recall any others?

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