seeking Yamaguchi Yoshiko film

Alex Bates batesa at
Wed Sep 20 22:05:34 EDT 2006

I know University of Washington has several of her works including 
"Shina no yoru" and probably "Sayon no kane."  Can you try ILL?
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On Sep 19, 2006, at 2:05 PM, Kirsten Cather wrote:

> Speaking of Yamaguchi Yoshiko (aka Shirley Yamaguchi, Li Koran), I'm 
> hoping someone might be able to direct me to a subtitled print (DVD or 
> VCR) of one of her earlier propaganda films. I'm trying to arrange a 
> screening for students here at Univ. of Texas at Austin that will 
> follow on a lecture by Ian Buruma whose currently at work on a book 
> about Yamaguchi. At this point I've found "House of Bamboo" (Fuller, 
> 1955) - which I've watched, not without some pain, - and "Japanese War 
> Bride" (Vidor, 1952), which I'm about to preview, but was very much 
> hoping to have something from her wartime period, especially her 1940 
> "Shina no yoru."
> Any leads much appreciated. Thanks, Kirsten
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