broad request for suggestions: recent Japanese films

Lewis Cook lcoqc at
Fri Sep 22 23:11:09 EDT 2006

After a deliberate hiatus of a few years I'm teaching an informal  
(non-technical) course on Japanese film and modern fiction (by  
popular demand, in effect). Some of my students are asking why I'm  
not screening any films made after around 1970. The answer may very  
well be that I haven't been paying enough attention, but I'm not  
aware of any films produced in Japan in the past 30 some years that  
are of comparable stature to the best of Mizoguchi, Ozu, Kurosawa,  
Kobayashi, et al. What am I missing and what should I be seeing? I  
don't mean this as a provocation, just asking for suggestions.

Lewis Cook
Associate Professor, Japanese Literature
Queens College, CUNY 

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