Raindance Festival 27th Sept- 8th October

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This information went out on the Midnight Eye newsletter last week, but for
those who don't subscribe, I just thought I'd let London-based Japanese film
fans have a gander at some of the delights coming up at London's Raindance
Festival next week:

Raindance Festival in London is back for its 14th year between September
27th and October 10th. I've prgorammed the Asian selection, so there?s a
very strong showing from this part of the world this year, with works from
Taiwan, India and Nepal, as well as a special focus on documentaries about
North Korea. The Japanese selection includes such goodies as Dear Pyongyang,
Little Birds, A Stranger of Mine, Bambi Bone and Boon and Cherry, as well as
a rare chance to see two new pink films together on double bill on Friday

See: www.raindancefilmfestival.org/festival/

Following on from this next month, 16 October 2006 from 6.30pm, in an event
hosted by the Japan Foundation, top animator Koji Yamamura will be in London
to introduce his works, including his latest, The Old Crocodile (Toshi wo
totta Wani), through a conversation with Jayne Pilling, founder and
director of the British Animation Awards.
Yamamura was nominated for the Best Animated Short at the 2003 Academy
Awards for his stunning Mt. Head (Atama Yama). You can find out more about
his work and other Japanese animators working independently in the
experiment field in this Midnight Eye article for a few years back:

The venue is the Japan Foundation in London. More details at

Koji Yamamura will be following up this appearance by introducing his films
at the 5th Norwich International Animation Festival, held between 18 - 21
October 2006.
See: www.niaf.org.uk/Dazzle2006.htm

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