broad request for suggestions: recent Japanese films

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Forget the 90s. What about the 80s? Imamaura? Itami? Fukasaku? Tsukamoto



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but I'm not 
aware of any films produced in Japan in the past 30 some years that 
are of comparable stature to the best of Mizoguchi, Ozu, Kurosawa, 
Kobayashi, et al.

One has, of course, to shift sensibilites for films of the 90s. Two
suggestions: First, Kitano's Hana-bi ("Fireworks"-1997) and Sonatine (1993);
and second (another target on the back?), two films of Miike: Odishon
("Audition"-1999), a horror/ghost film that matches anything from the 50s or
60s (and as beautiful as Kobayashi's Kwaidan), and Visitor Q (2001), which
matches the best of Oshima and, perhaps even more comparable, Imamura.


Jesse Kalin

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