broad request for suggestions: recent Japanese films

Jesse Kalin kalin at
Sat Sep 23 14:35:10 EDT 2006

> but I'm not
> aware of any films produced in Japan in the past 30 some years that
> are of comparable stature to the best of Mizoguchi, Ozu, Kurosawa,
> Kobayashi, et al.
One has, of course, to shift sensibilites for films of the 90s.  Two  
suggestions: First, Kitano's Hana-bi ("Fireworks"-1997) and Sonatine  
(1993); and second (another target on the back?), two films of Miike:  
Odishon ("Audition"-1999), a horror/ghost film that matches anything  
from the 50s or 60s (and as beautiful as Kobayashi's Kwaidan), and  
Visitor Q (2001), which matches the best of Oshima and, perhaps even  
more comparable, Imamura.

Jesse Kalin
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