broad request for suggestions: recent Japanese films

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I was replying to others as much as you. Anyway, from the decade to remain




Fukushû suruwa wareniari


Narayama bushiko


Kuroi ame




Tokyo Fist


And others I can commend:


(work of Koreeda)

Daremo shiranai

Wonderful life


Pistol Opera








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Forget the 90s. What about the 80s? Imamaura? Itami? Fukasaku? Tsukamoto

Thanks for replying.

I wasn't asking for the names of directors (or for decades) but the titles
of recent films that can stand (or have stood) the test of time, context
(historical, sociological, filmographical, ethno-political, etc.) deleted or
attenuated. Most of my students (undergraduates) don't have a grasp of the
context, despite my efforts to supply it. What they learn from film depends
on what they can see. 



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